Saturday, February 7, 2009

Received by Warden's Office December 13, 2006

Dear Judas the Buddhist,

Sup Beeotch!!!?!!!

Apparently, your brain has, once again relapsed into a retarded stupor, induced by the relentless brain-washing rhetoric of a "praise Jesus the gardener/let's bomb the Rag-heads" world! Because I haven't heard from the great Joe Schmo, in a while!

What's up wit dat, negro?!? You must be caught-up in the sweet reverie of that little girly-boy, huh?

As you can see, I have amassed the troop! Moral is quite good, amongst the penguin hoards, as of yet. But, I fear that if they are not sent into battle, against the evil Christian plague, there will be total anarchy! There's already been whispers of mutiny & cannibalism. I fear for my safety!

Merry Christmas!

Why do people celebrate the birthday of a Mexican gardener, that is an illegal alien!

Oh dude - you're missing it! Right this very moment, Wednesday Adams (Christina Ricci) is working the dorm! And I honestly believe that she's only 10 years old!

The fucking pedophiles are going insane!

Well, Beeotch - I must write a letter to my fat, homo, Hindu!



P. S.: Does your little girlie-boy have a sexy girlie-boy friend, that I can write?

*Note: included in this letter were several pictures... two pictures from National Geographic December 2006 of penguins, a picture of the Southpark (Comedy Central) Satan with the caption Satan is the sensitive guy, And article from The Guide (page 161) called The Fast and the Furious, How much rage can you pack into 21 seconds? about the history of American punk rock, on the back of which was an article on Pete Townsend, an October 5, 2006 article in Rolling Stone called Revolution Rock (again on punk rock), and article called Social Distortion, The original dead end cruisers, an article from FHM in October 2004 on Ozzy! Dio! Dogs!, a picture of a skeleton with ragged clothing sitting at a bus stop, and several Far Side cartoons, mostly about prison and hell.

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