Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 16, 2007


Sup Bro! Same here, just doing time as usual. Went back to court, got 50 again w/parole at 20/45. They messed up again though, gonna give it back on more time & hopefully go home. Speaking of going home, when I do I think I'll seek citizeship elsewhere, maybe Thailand or Cambodia, dosen't matter where I go, hepatitus & scirrohsis of the liver will kill me probably in the next 15 yrs., I'm sure no one will miss me anyway. The world hates me anyway.

Dude, its great to hear from you, too bad that shits not going to well for you. Don't give up, stay strong and all will be o.k.

Man, its sad that people are so influenced by the T.V., urban legends, and not to forget just plain stupidity and ignorance. Its no secret that I once walked on the "Dark Side", and one thing I've learned is that people are so blinded by T.V. etc. that they wouldn't know Satanism if the Devil Himself slapped them in the face. T.V. is one of the most influencing tools the Devil has and everyone is fooled by it, shame. I guess its not evil to watch the Sapranos glorify crime, or to watch American Idol smash peoples dreams but its not o.k. to joke around about some non existant bullcrap. Why don't they punish Catholics for the way they treat their altar boys? Homosexuality? Thats just stupid! Oh, I forgot, the churches of organized religeon teaches that God hates fags and they'll all burn in Hell. Don't forget that they also teach that God hates Muslims, Jews, Jehovas Witnesses and everyone else who isn't in their certain sect of organized religeon. I thought God was loving and forgiving, right? Its easier to point a finger instead of taking blame, you know? I guess when people drink their beer its o.k. because they are Christians. Isn't the first rule of Satanism to indulge in what makes your flesh happy? That means drugs, drinking, pre-marital sex, gambling, cussing, judging others, hate, you know everything that all humans do because it makes us feel good. No one can be a good Christian until they can abstain from the unGodly things that humans do. People should practice what they preach. Hellfire is a M.F'r and there are a lot of disillusioned "Christians" who'll sure burn. Besides isn't there a first amendment right to freedom of religeon? It dosen't matter what one believes, its a right of an American! That's why I like other countries, no one has rights instead of only the ones w/money like U.S.A. Don't get me wrong, I love my country but the people suck. Didn't they slaughter my Indian ancestors? When I was young, my great grandmother told me about how the "Americans" murdered her brother & 2 sisters, smashed babies heads with their boot heels, trail of tears which she was there. All that is o.k. because it was done to build a "Christian" America. The rest of me was born in Germany so maybe I shouldn't be American, right.

Anyway, other than the stupidity, how have things been going? I hope you can hire that lawyer. We need to go home and hit the rails - hit the rails means hop cargo trains like hobos do in case you want to say something bad about that too. - We'll try being vagrants in other countries too. Go where punk rock is still real, like Europe. Oh wait, homelessness is a crime now, I forgot. We can go to jail for eating out of a dumpster! Just think of all the lice, urine, poop, vomit, gutters, squats, and cargo trains we're missing out on! Don't forget whiskey & chicks with tattoos! Mowhawks! Oh yeah, passing out and pissing in our Carhart overalls too. Crusty punks! I really miss the life of a hobo.

Anyway bro, I'm out for now.

Crusty for Life
Gutter Punks
Dumpster divers eat the best leftovers! One man's garbage is another man's dinner!

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