Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9, 2007

Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Disciplinary Report

Name of Inmate: Patrick Brasseaeax
Date of Incident: 2/9/7
Time of Incident: 228
Place of Incident: CBB Cell Block
Job Assignment (Inmate):
Housing Assignment (Inmate): CBB LR Cell 6
Rule Violated: Contraband
Rule Number: 1
Description of Incident (Include all relevant information - "unusual behavior, staff witnesses, physical evidence & disposition, immediate action including use of force"; use other side if necessary): On above date + time I Msgt Young was shakeing down on B-Block Lower R Cell 6. At this point + time I Msgt Young found Tatoo parphemalla in inmate P. Brasseax (329406) Box. At this point + time I Msgt Young notified Lt Allen of this incident. above inmate was then place in adm. seg.
Inmate Placed in Adm. Seg.: Yes
(signature of reporting employee)
Name, Title, Assignment (Print): Roger Young Msgt
Date of Report: 2/9
Time of Report: 245 P
Report (copy) given to above inmate by: RY
(Patrick's signature)

Note: The "contraband" in question was a stack of drawings that I now have in my possession. They were returned to Patrick about a year later. These drawings had been sold by this Master Sergeant to inmates and another inmate who recognized Patrick's work confiscated them and returned them to him. They are tattoo flash drawings, but they couldn't be used as tattoos without a tattoo gun.

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