Tuesday, February 3, 2009

October 21, 2006


What's up. Well, I landed in D. C. I. It sucks, maybe it'll get better after some time. Back in the field, only one half two or three times a week. Isn't shit here for Vo tec, a couple of bullshit trades. I can do L. S. U. correspondence here, gonna look into it. Quite a few from L. S. P. here, they hate it too. Ran into Casey, he still hates it.

Anyway, there is a dude in the blocks there, last name Lang? He knows Rachel, and he called Christ by Matt so he is squatter of some sort. He's the dude that fell on the murder in NO where him & 2 chicks drowned that guy in the jacuzzie. He said he's familiar with you too. I told him to look for you. He seems like good people, he is squatter of some kind. Gotta look out for our own, it's rare to see our people in La. prisons.

Anyway, I'll holler back and keep you up on the life at S. C. I.

Squat the World
AKA Suicide

p. s. Let Doug & company know I hollered at ya'll.

p. s. s. it took a minute for me to mail this, D. C. I. = Garbage, Angola = Better

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