Thursday, February 5, 2009

November ?, 2006


What's up Beeeotch! Same here, miss Angola.

Ain't much to write about. I still hate D.C.I. or should I say P.C.I. Cowards camp. No convicts only inmates.

I'm sending goat clipping from U.S.A. Today paper, hope you get it. It's cool to give info to those who want to know where I'm at.

Waiting on Music By Mail again: EXODUS, EXPLOITED, AGNOSTIC FRONT, OPETH, KING D, SISTERS OF MERCY, hope they don't take forever again. Got write up for shot pic., can you believe that, a fucking shot pic! 12's don't get fucked with but I get slammed for a shot pic., sad place.

I'm still waiting for Jim Jones to come back and give me the game. Judas the Buddhist will rise like the beast in the East.



P. S. I got to read oogle article from Rolling Stone about squatters. B. S. if you ask me. I guess new school new scene.

P. S. S. My cellie is the priest killing squatter from N. O. area.

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