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December 28, 2006

To: Disciplinary Board Office
From: Nicholas Sanders, Corrections Lieutenant
Main Prison/West Yard/Cell Block Supervisor/B-Team
Date: December 28, 2006
Re: D.B. Investigation: Patrick Brasseaux

After a thorough investigation into the aforementioned matter, I, Lt. Nicholas Sanders, have found the following:
1. Inmate Patrick Brasseaux is an intelligent and studied individual with strong Satanic beliefs and a charismatic personality.
2. Inmate Brasseaux uses his charismatic personality and education to influence young inmates and indoctrinate them into a Satanic belief system.
3. Through these easily influenced young inmates Patrick Brasseaux has managed to quietly assemble a small cult of followers of similar Satanic beliefs.
4. Among other things this belief system is strongly anti-Christian and promotes homosexuality, drug abuse, and anti-authoritarianism.
5. Inmate Brasseaux is an extremely unstable individual and his influence over the members of this satanic cult could have an adverse effect on the safety and security of this institution.

Enclosed is the package of information that was forwarded to this office from Investigative Services that led to the initiation of this investigation.
After conducting my investigation into this matter, I have reached the extent of my knowledge pertaining to this incident. This is for your information and further handling.

Nicholas Sanders, Corrections Lieutenant
Main Prison/West Yard/Cell Block Supervisor/B-Team
cc: file

*note: My brother did not go to school beyond the beginning of the ninth grade. In the seventh and eighth grade, he was sent to an alternative school where he spent most of his time protecting his belongings from other children in his class. He can be a charismatic person and is intelligent, but he is not educated. He also claims to be an atheist. The investigation was based solely on a letter that was intercepted and received by the Warden's Office on December 13, 2006 and taken out of context.

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