Wednesday, February 4, 2009

October 30, 2006


Sup Fool! Same ol' same shit here, prison. Check this out, tell anyone getting shipped that they better pray to whoever that they never see D. C. I. This is a refugee camp for people who would sink in a real prison. So many bitches are saved here. Nothing but short timers who don't know what doing time is about, transparent gangstas. There is so many Eminems h ere it's fucking disgusting, they'ed be turn-outs anywhere else. The only good thing here is the field! It's a walk in the fucking park. I was in the field, then put in kichen, went to Mental Health and told them to check my record, the imeadiatly put me back in the field thank Vishnu!? Anyway, in the field again, the hard work in field is layed out.

Okay, partied with the White Devil? I'm the White Devil here. Small minds and ignorance surrounds me, I can see why racism exists. They ask if pentegram is some kind of A. B. type shit I say no it's the seal of Baphomet, what's that they ask, I say I'm the Antichrist and I like to eat people, they don't talk to me anymore. The rest of these sorry motherfuckers talk all that racist kill whitey shit under their breathes which is cool with me, fuck 'em! I know for a fact that if I get something to work with and go at them they'll cower away like the pussy motherfuckers they are.

Dude, I really miss the penitentiary, I never thought I'd say that but time is much better there. Even Casey is fucked up, he just hides it well. Everyone here from Angola is fucked up with this place. Check it out, single file no talking on walk, must have blue shirt on and tucked in when on the walk, blues for visit, seventy people in a smaller dorm, must stay on bed til counts clear, file ARP and take a chance at being written up for theft, C. O.'s call you everything from bitch to ho, this is a child's camp.

Anyway, oh yeah, piss clear in the cup and get fucked over, been here a month and been pissed once and seen 8 different randoms. There is such a large amount of vermin here and they tell you for free.

Yeah, life sucks in D. C. I. Fuck it. Not much to talk about. I think when I get out I'll eat a gallon of jalopeno peppers and drink 2 gallons of chocolate milk, on gallon butter milk and then eat a box of exlax then shit of the ledge of a tall building on top of the humans underneath. Then I'll wash my cock in holy water so I can have some holy wood, and with my holy wood have an orgy with nuns dressed in patent leather. Oh, I gotta smoke crack and bring a whole flock of goats on this venture. Then change my name to Judas the Buhdist and pull off some Jim Jones type shit and have 100 wives (other peoples wives) who worship my holy wood and they can shoot everyone who dosen't drink th electric keefe orange drink, fuck kool-aid, maybe Flavo-aid. Then I'll beat up Marilyn and become the new Antichrist superstar god of fuck and get his wife pregnant and she'll give birth to a future drug kingpin who'll be president of Antartica where the rabid penguins will attack all intruders who try to steal our igloo mansions.

Anyway, Reefa says she dosen't know who your ex-wife is and she rarely talks to anyone in Laffeyette. Andyman is in trouble again though. She said she didn't even know you ever married. I don't really talk to her much.

About to get new C. D. s, EXODUS, OPETH, EXPLOITED, KING D, SISTERS OF MERCY. I'm sure Music By Mail will take a fucking lifetime sending them.

Anyway, I'm gonna go so I can get this in mail.

Judas Rising

I'm Judas the Buhdist Beeotch!!!

United Chaos & Anarchy

Squatter Rules

Homeless & Proud
The Transient Life
Scum Bag Forever

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