Sunday, February 1, 2009

January 3, 2006

Louisiana State Penitentiary
R. E. Barrow, Jr. Treatment Center
Angola, LA 70712

Medical Duty Status Report
Issue Date:
Memo Type Date: 1/03/2006
DOC#: 329406
Name: Brasseaux, Patrick
Race: W
Temporary Duty Status: No duty, wear open toe shoes, no sports X 2 (two) weeks

May use crutches to ambulate. Keep R foot elevated per Dr. Abriam
Lt. R. Johnson #56

Reason: Minor SX

Temporary Duty Expires 01/17/2006 and reverts back to permanent duty status at midnight.
Temporary duty per orders of: Portacci, MD
Issue Date: 08/18/2004 Memo Type Date: 9/09/2004
Permanent Duty Status: Regular Duty with restrictions, seizure precautions, work at ground level, no work within 8 feet of moving machinery, no work within 8 feet of lakes of standing water, work 20 feet away from adjacent sharp tools, must have bottom bunk, no sports

Reason: Transfer Interview
Addendum 9/9/2004
Per orders of: Roundtree, Singh MD Perm Duty Status Code: RDWR
Input by (signature)
CC: Inmate Signature (signature)
Security Signature (initials GH)

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