Sunday, February 8, 2009

December 21, 2006

Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Disciplinary Report
LSP Angola
Name of Inmate: Patrick Brasseaux
Date of Incident: 12-21-06
Time of Incident: 9:00 AM
Place of Incident: Main Prison West Yard
Job Assignment (Inmate): Idle (Adm/Seg)
Housing Assignment (Inmate): CBD L/R Cell #15
Description of Incident (Include all relevant information - "unusual behavior, staff witnesses, physical evidence & disposition, immediate action including use of force"; use other side if necessary): On the above date and approximate time, inmate Patrick Brasseaux was charged with a rule #30w, general prohibitive behavior, and is being held in Administrative Segregation pending and investigation into illegal activities. Major Louis Stroud was notified of this incident. This is for your information.
Inmate Placed in Adm. Seg.: Yes
(signature of reporting employee)
Name, Title, Assignment (Print): Nicholas Sanders, Lieutenant, MPCB, B-Team
Date of Report: 12-21-06
Time of Report: 10:35 AM
Inmate's Signature: Copy Given, Refused to Sign!
Plea by Inmate: Not Guilty
Date of Hearing: 12-27-06 1-4-07
Counsel Substitute: (includes two initials with DOC# next to them)
Motions: (handwritten and nearly illegible, looks like Defe to Lt. Sanders, Full Inv. Defer 24 hrs) (includes signatures at the bottom by four different people)

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