Friday, February 6, 2009

November 29, 2006

Louisiana State Penitentiary
Classification Department
November 29, 2006
To: Patrick Brasseaux, #329406, Oak 3
From: Classification Officer/Internal Review Board Member
Nature of Request for Hearing:
( )Change in custody status (5.1 Board)
( )Change in living quarters (5.1 Board)
(X)Change in work assignment (5.2 Board)
Incentive Pay Evaluation:
Your current pay rate is:
Your new pay rate will be:
Hearing Result(s):
( )Request approved/new assignment
( )No action taken/hearing re-scheduled
( )Request denied (see reason(s) indicated below)

( )Offender status
( )Poor conduct record
( )Poor institutional work record
( )Brief period of incarceration
( )Length of time remaining on sentence
( )Physical health and/or mental health reason(s)
( )No release from current supervisor was submitted
( )No request from requested supervisor was submitted
( )No vacancy exist at location requested
( )Current detainer(s) filed against you
( )Escape charge(s) and/or conviction(s)
( )Seriousness of current charge
( )Board's discretion
( )Other:

Note: on the right of the page in large handwritten letters is "Disregard, Next Board". Most of this form was never filled out.

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