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March 28, 2007

Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Disciplinary Board Appeal

Appeal Number:
Inmate's Name: Patrick Brasseaux, #329406
Inmate's Counsel: Galbraith
Board Chairman: Stroud
Rule Violation: 12/21/06
Disciplinary Board Action: 1/08/07
Appeal Decided: Mar 28 2007
Decision of the Secretary: 01-Denied
Institution: LSP

The inmate was convicted of violating Rule #30W, (General Prohibited Behavior) resulting in a custody change to maximum, working cellblock.

On appeal, the inmate argues whether the investigation was supported by facts or just allegations and whether the Disciplinary Rules and Procedures is unconstitutional in denying him due process.

We have considered the inmate's argument and the decision rendered by the Warden. Upon review, we find the disciplinary report to be clear, concise and to provide convincing evidence of the violation as charged. The inmate has not produced any convincing evidence that would justify reversal or modification of the decision rendered through the disciplinary proceedings. The Warden's Appeal Decision has adequately addressed the issues raised by the inmate. The sanction imposed was appropriate based on the seriousness of the offense. For the foregoing reasons, we agree with the decision of the Disciplinary Board and the Warden.

This appeal is denied.

(signature of Linda Ramsay)
Richard L. Stalder, Secretary
Public Safety and Corrections
P. O. Box 94304 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9304
(225) 342-6649
An Equal Opportunity Employer

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

March 27, 2007


I received your letter today. It was a very nice surprise! I have aquired an extremely pessimistic outlook, over the years. So, I guess it was a bit unexpected.

Mom had informed me that you were going to school, and I would have questioned anything but high achievement, in anything that my sister applies herself to. Congratulations!

And, the confidence would certainly extend to your daughter. If she's anything at all, like you, she'll do great in life, and be a wonderful person. The one thing that I am completely sure of, is that she will grow-up, with the understanding that it's ok to be herself, and express herself, with all the bold, self-reliance, that I've always envied, in her mother.

Just be sure to lie to her, consistently, and inform her that she has absolutely no true relation to anyone in the Brasseaux family! We wouldn't want her to have any self-esteem issues!

I'm sorry to hear that her father has turned-out to be such a jerk! I've never understood guys that act that way, with their children. At least she has a cool mom!

And, I see that she'll grow-up to be an animal-lover, just like you and I did. I guess you've found a way around her allergies to cats, huh!

Please, keep me up-to-date on the divorce issue. And, next time you e-mail him, you can remind him that you have a brother, who has never been known to be very civilized, so you and your lawyer, are the least of his problem, if he doesn't learn what his responsibility to that little girl really is!

You can also explain to Morgane that my infamous reputation, and personal, criminal dossier can be used in a similar fashion, throughout her entire life, in order to persuade the actions of anyone who seems to be opinionated, in an unfavorable way, toward my beautiful niece! that should keep them in-line! :)

Wow! Fred & Patrick (our nephews) are growing up! Be sure to tell Fred that he is very welcome to write, as often as he wishes.

I can only get two stamps, per week, due to the fact that I am an indigent, and owe the State so much money. But, I will find a way to keep in touch with him, and anyone else in the family that wants to write, especially any of the kids!

The next time you see Lupe, please give her a big hug from me, and tell her that I send my love. I've considered calling, but the phone systems here are just to expensive.

I am certainly not surprised to hear about Fred (our brother). The only thing that astonishes me, is that I feel sympathy and pity for him!

If you have an address, for Heidi (our biological niece's mother), I'd like to have it. Maybe she'd at least understand that I'd appreciate a photograph of my niece. How old is Chloe?

It's a bit hard to digest all of the information about our younger cousins. I believe that I've met Quinton's wife, Jennifer, back when they were living together. Christopher was working at L.P.C.C., when I was first arrested, back in 2002. Cory, I haven't seen, since he was very little. And Lauren & Jasen were also very young, the last time I was able to see them.

Somehow, I remember hearing that Lee John had been in & out of trouble, and using drugs. It's sad to hear that it turned-out so tragically. Please give my condolences to Elizabeth.

Ha! You can assure Sean that I was not offended by your letter being typed. Just the fact that you replied at all, was more than enough for me! No, I do not mind, nor do I find it impersonal. But, I do appreciate his concern!

I'd like to meet him, one day. Hopefully, I will be able to do so, outside of this place. I'm currently working on that.

That sounds great! It might take a few days, for me to get the original photographs sent to me, but I'll do that right away.

I have been corresponding with someone for several years. She is also in prison. I have a hard time believing that anyone who is not dealing with similar circumstances, as myself, could actually relate with my day-to-day life, enough to remain in constant contact. So, I use my meager allowance of postage to write her, rather than the few people I know that are free.

Her name is Jennifer, and the photographs were taken for her. So, I will ask her to send them to me, and I'll send them to you, in-turn. Ok? Just be sure to make some copies for little Fred & Patrick also.

And I would love to have some more pictures of Morgane! As for the boys, you can let them know that it shouldn't hurt their pockets too much, to gain a cheap, disposable camera, to take a few pictures for their Uncle Patrick!

As for visiting me - I'd love that! Although I do have some reservations about Morgane, or the boys coming into such a disgusting environment. Angola is certainly the most deplorable place that I have ever witnessed, in my life! And I've seen some serious cesspools.

Currently, it wouldn't be a very good idea, anyway. I have been on administrative lock-down, since December. And I am presently awaiting transfer to "Camp-J", extended lock-down, which is the worst area of the prison.

My alleged rule violation, which is the reason for my transfer, is also considered to be the most vile offense imagineable! Yep! I am not, refuse to be, and even refuse to pretend to be a Christian! That is my offense!

If I were to pretend to be a devout, "God-fearing" Jesus freak, I'd meet the criteria, to be a student at Angola's prestigious Bible college, and I'd be awarded the many amenities and rewards, that other inmates receive for doing what is expected of them. But, being the "defiant pagan", that I am - I am only considered to be a "threat to the security, and well-being of the facility".

This all came to a head, in December, when I wrote a letter to a friend, at another prison, and enclosed several articles about Punk Rock music, "Far Side" comic strips, and an advertisement clipping, from "South Park", that depicted the devil, with a caption that read: "Satan is the sensitive guy".

For the past several months, I've been going through all of the departmental red-tape, by filing appeals to the write-up. This has to be done, before a prisoner is allowed to seek redress in a court of law.

I'm currently awaiting a reply, for the U.S. Justice Department's special litigation section, for Religious discrimination. I've also written to a civil liberties group, for Atheist prisoners.

Just the mere fact that such organizations exist, only proves that my personal situation, is a common one, within U.S. prisons!

I will not allow these self-righteous, red-neck imbeciles to torture me, with forced religion!

I'm sorry! I didn't intend to burden you, with my personal problems. It's quite hard to find things to speak of, that are not directly related to my miserable life in prison!

Things may be looking better for me soon. I've been able to collect a great deal of proof, that I was not involved in the murder that put me here. Hopefully, I can properly file my case in the appeals court, before the time limit expires.

Well, I'll let you get back to your own complexities of life. I hope that I'll be hearing more from you in the future!

Please tell Morgane that her Uncle Patrick loves her!

Your response really meant a lot to me, Victoria! Thank you!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

March 14, 2007 (From my livejournal)

March 14, 2007

...When I got up this morning, the pain returned as soon as I got up. The other symptoms, which I'll leave to the imagination, finally showed up. I called my dad to tell him that I would take Morgane to school. He informed me that I had mail over there. I called Roberta who already had a pretty good idea what was wrong with me. I drove Morgane to school and stopped at my parents' house on my way home to pick up my mail. One was from a hospital that screwed up the coding on some tests I had to run, the insurance is refusing to pay, and the hospital is trying to charge me. The other was a letter from my brother. Patrick. The one in prison.



Well, hello there stranger! How are you?

I've wanted to write, for a long while, but my present situation, and my environment make it hard for me to do much of anything that I actually want to do.

I was only hoping that it might be possible to open some type of communication with you.

I understand that you may have personal reservations about this. And, if that is the case, I will accept it, and hold absolutely no animosity. I don't believe any excuses are needed.

Anyway, since my niece has only been able to see photographs of her uncle Patrick, where I look like a psychopathic janitorial engineer, I thought she might like to see me, in a different light.

Unfortunately, I only have these photocopies, right now. But, I will certainly try to get some more taken, one day soon, if she would like.

I do believe that I can have the originals sent to me, and could then send them to you, if you think you could make copies of them, and return them to me. They belong to someone else, so I would have to get copies of them made. Just let me know. Ok?

Well, like I said. I only wanted to attempt to make contact with you, to see if there is any possibility of mending the damage that I've caused between us.

I hope that it isn't too late to make amends, for all of my past stupidity.

I will anxiously await some form of reply, from you. And hopefully, I can try to be a decent uncle for my niece.

I'm very sorry if I've disrupted your life.

Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, LA

For those of you who don't know, over the course of many years beginning approximately when he hit puberty, Patrick began stealing from me and beating me up regularly. He's four years younger than me and my parents would always tell me I couldn't fight back, they would ignore his stealing, and often accused me of asking for it when he'd hit me. I don't think he realizes that I'm much angrier at my parents for this than him and the beatings from him stopped when he was 14 (Fred called the police). The stealing didn't stop until he moved out. Which makes sense, because he was stealing to support his drug habit. The same drug habit that led him to prostitution, dealing, and the murder that he's currently incarcerated for.

I'm guessing he didn't get the telephone message back in November when Lee died. I'll be writing him later, updating him about the family... the births, marriages, deaths. Stuff he's missing out on. I'd actually been wanting to do so, but didn't have his address...

ETA: The photocopied pictures he sent aren't much better than the one he's describing as a psychotic janitorial engineer. He looks gaunt. If he weren't my brother, I'd cross the street so as not to run into him on the same sidewalk. And I also noticed that in both pictures, he bears a striking resemblence to our other brother, only paler. He still looks psychotic.

Note: The allegations of prostitution were made by our other brother. Patrick has denied this. Since he has been honest about his drug use, dealing, and several other distasteful things, I am willing to believe that if he says he wasn't prostituting himself, that he is telling the truth. Add to that the fact that our other brother has been caught lying about certain things having to do with Patrick for his own gain, and I'm even more likely to believe that there was no prostitution.

February 18, 2007

Louisiana State Penitentiary
Personal Property Storage Documentation
Time: 845/m
Inmate's Name: Patric Brasseaux
DOC# 329406
Transferred From CBD To CB Property Room
Number of Lockers Stored: #114332 + 114341
Tamper Proof Seal#: LSP

For Inmate's Signature:
I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that my personal property has been placed in my locker and that the locker has been sealed with a tamper proof seal.

Inmate's Signature: (signature)
Employee Witness: (signature of Sgt. F. Marshall) 2/18/07

Note: Nothing else was filled out on this document, including where the property was stored, who received it, when they received it, or anything else.

February 16, 2007


Sup Bro! Same here, just doing time as usual. Went back to court, got 50 again w/parole at 20/45. They messed up again though, gonna give it back on more time & hopefully go home. Speaking of going home, when I do I think I'll seek citizeship elsewhere, maybe Thailand or Cambodia, dosen't matter where I go, hepatitus & scirrohsis of the liver will kill me probably in the next 15 yrs., I'm sure no one will miss me anyway. The world hates me anyway.

Dude, its great to hear from you, too bad that shits not going to well for you. Don't give up, stay strong and all will be o.k.

Man, its sad that people are so influenced by the T.V., urban legends, and not to forget just plain stupidity and ignorance. Its no secret that I once walked on the "Dark Side", and one thing I've learned is that people are so blinded by T.V. etc. that they wouldn't know Satanism if the Devil Himself slapped them in the face. T.V. is one of the most influencing tools the Devil has and everyone is fooled by it, shame. I guess its not evil to watch the Sapranos glorify crime, or to watch American Idol smash peoples dreams but its not o.k. to joke around about some non existant bullcrap. Why don't they punish Catholics for the way they treat their altar boys? Homosexuality? Thats just stupid! Oh, I forgot, the churches of organized religeon teaches that God hates fags and they'll all burn in Hell. Don't forget that they also teach that God hates Muslims, Jews, Jehovas Witnesses and everyone else who isn't in their certain sect of organized religeon. I thought God was loving and forgiving, right? Its easier to point a finger instead of taking blame, you know? I guess when people drink their beer its o.k. because they are Christians. Isn't the first rule of Satanism to indulge in what makes your flesh happy? That means drugs, drinking, pre-marital sex, gambling, cussing, judging others, hate, you know everything that all humans do because it makes us feel good. No one can be a good Christian until they can abstain from the unGodly things that humans do. People should practice what they preach. Hellfire is a M.F'r and there are a lot of disillusioned "Christians" who'll sure burn. Besides isn't there a first amendment right to freedom of religeon? It dosen't matter what one believes, its a right of an American! That's why I like other countries, no one has rights instead of only the ones w/money like U.S.A. Don't get me wrong, I love my country but the people suck. Didn't they slaughter my Indian ancestors? When I was young, my great grandmother told me about how the "Americans" murdered her brother & 2 sisters, smashed babies heads with their boot heels, trail of tears which she was there. All that is o.k. because it was done to build a "Christian" America. The rest of me was born in Germany so maybe I shouldn't be American, right.

Anyway, other than the stupidity, how have things been going? I hope you can hire that lawyer. We need to go home and hit the rails - hit the rails means hop cargo trains like hobos do in case you want to say something bad about that too. - We'll try being vagrants in other countries too. Go where punk rock is still real, like Europe. Oh wait, homelessness is a crime now, I forgot. We can go to jail for eating out of a dumpster! Just think of all the lice, urine, poop, vomit, gutters, squats, and cargo trains we're missing out on! Don't forget whiskey & chicks with tattoos! Mowhawks! Oh yeah, passing out and pissing in our Carhart overalls too. Crusty punks! I really miss the life of a hobo.

Anyway bro, I'm out for now.

Crusty for Life
Gutter Punks
Dumpster divers eat the best leftovers! One man's garbage is another man's dinner!

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February 12, 2007

Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, Louisiana
Decision Regarding Appeal of Disciplinary Action
Appeal Number: LSP-2007-0043-W

Inmate's Name:
Patrick Brasseaux 329406
Housing Assignment: CBB L/R
Date of Report: 12/21/2006
Date of Hearing: 01/08/2007
Original Charge: Rule #30W, General Prohibited Behavior
Plea: Not Guilty
Charge Found Guilty Of: Rule #30W, General Prohibited Behavior
Sentence: Custody Change to Maximum (Working CellBlock)
Imposed or Suspended: Imposed
Date of Appeal Decision: 2-12-07 (this was handwritten)
Decision: Denied

Appellant was issued a disciplinary report on 12/21/2006 for a violation of Rule #30W, General Prohibited Behavior. He was provided a hearing by the Disciplinary Board on 01/08/2007 and was found guilty. Appellant received a sentence of a custody change to maximum (working cellblock).

Appellant argues on appeal that the contents of the investigation report do not provide sufficient evidence to support a finding of guilt.

Appellant has presented no evidence to refute the charge. The letter stamped in the warden's office on 12/13/2006 addressed "Dear Judas the Buddhist" is sufficient to uphold the charge of Rule #30w in that the contents threaten security or stability of the facility or well being of an employee. The Disciplinary Board's decision is deemed appropriate as to the finding of the sentence imposed.

The issues raised by Appellant in this matter have been reviewed and found to be without merit. Appellant was provided a due process hearing by the Disciplinary Board. The decision of the Disciplinary Board is deemed appropriate. Appellant has presenting nothing which would justify reversal or modification of the decision rendered through the disciplinary proceedings.

The appeal is denied.


Burl Cain

BC: dld

Instructions to Inmate: If you are dissatisfied with this decision, you may appeal the decision to the Secretary of Corrections in accordance with the procedures defined in DISCIPLINARY RULES AND PROCEDURES FOR ADULT INMATES. The Secretary will only consider appeals from decisions which resulted in the imposed or suspended sentences of one or more of the following penalties: 1) Isolation; 2) Loss of Good Time; 3) Custody Change from Minimum to Medium only if it involves transfer to another institution; 4) Custody Change from Minimum or Medium to Maximum Custody; or 5) Restitution. If you wish to appeal this decision to the Secretary, indicate your desire to appeal on the line below, date and sign the document and return the yellow copy to the DISCIPLINARY APPEALS OFFICE within five (5) days of receipt of this decision.

(checked) I am not satisfied with this decision and wish to appeal to the Secretary.
Date: 2/15/07 (handwritten date) Inmate's Signature: (Patrick's signature)

Note: The reason that I indicated that the date of the appeal decision was handwritten was because the rest of it was not. In other words, the denial was made prior to Patrick appearing before the board.

February 9, 2007

Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Disciplinary Report

Name of Inmate: Patrick Brasseaeax
Date of Incident: 2/9/7
Time of Incident: 228
Place of Incident: CBB Cell Block
Job Assignment (Inmate):
Housing Assignment (Inmate): CBB LR Cell 6
Rule Violated: Contraband
Rule Number: 1
Description of Incident (Include all relevant information - "unusual behavior, staff witnesses, physical evidence & disposition, immediate action including use of force"; use other side if necessary): On above date + time I Msgt Young was shakeing down on B-Block Lower R Cell 6. At this point + time I Msgt Young found Tatoo parphemalla in inmate P. Brasseax (329406) Box. At this point + time I Msgt Young notified Lt Allen of this incident. above inmate was then place in adm. seg.
Inmate Placed in Adm. Seg.: Yes
(signature of reporting employee)
Name, Title, Assignment (Print): Roger Young Msgt
Date of Report: 2/9
Time of Report: 245 P
Report (copy) given to above inmate by: RY
(Patrick's signature)

Note: The "contraband" in question was a stack of drawings that I now have in my possession. They were returned to Patrick about a year later. These drawings had been sold by this Master Sergeant to inmates and another inmate who recognized Patrick's work confiscated them and returned them to him. They are tattoo flash drawings, but they couldn't be used as tattoos without a tattoo gun.