Saturday, February 7, 2009

December 13, 2006

Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Disciplinary Report

Institution: LSP
Name of Inmate: Patrick Brasseaux
Date of Incident: 12-13-06
Time of Incident: 9:00 AM
Place of Incident: TU/CCR Ext/LD
Job Assignment (Inmate): TU Tier Walker
Housing Assignment (Inmate): Oak #3
Description of Incident (Include all relevant information - "unusual behavior, staff witnesses, physical evidence & disposition, immediate action including use of force"; use other side if necessary): On the above date and time, I Lieutenant Laprairie called Oak #3 dorm and notified inmate Patrick Brasseaux that he needed to come to work. Inmate Brasseaux stated he was not coming to work and he would rather go to ADM/LD.
Inmate Placed in Adm. Seg.: Yes
(signature of reporting employee)
Name, Title, Assignment (Print): Floyd Laprairie, Lieutenant TU/CCR Supervisor A-Team
Date of Report: 12-13-06
Time of Report: 9:30 AM
(includes initials of person who gave report to inmate and inmate's signature)

Note: I have in my possession a pamphlet distributed by the Louisiana State Penitentiary Mental Health Department titled "Suicide: Learn More, Learn to Help". The pamphlet gives a list of signs of depression and suicide risks, descriptions of people who may be at high risk for suicide, common misconceptions about suicide, and instructions on how to find out if someone is suicidal. On the front of this pamphlet, in Patrick's handwriting is a note that says "This document was given to me by mental health. Upon telling me that I had been chosen to be a "tier walker" and forced to supervise mentally ill inmates under threat (and actions) of disciplinary reports & segregation.

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