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March 27, 2007


I received your letter today. It was a very nice surprise! I have aquired an extremely pessimistic outlook, over the years. So, I guess it was a bit unexpected.

Mom had informed me that you were going to school, and I would have questioned anything but high achievement, in anything that my sister applies herself to. Congratulations!

And, the confidence would certainly extend to your daughter. If she's anything at all, like you, she'll do great in life, and be a wonderful person. The one thing that I am completely sure of, is that she will grow-up, with the understanding that it's ok to be herself, and express herself, with all the bold, self-reliance, that I've always envied, in her mother.

Just be sure to lie to her, consistently, and inform her that she has absolutely no true relation to anyone in the Brasseaux family! We wouldn't want her to have any self-esteem issues!

I'm sorry to hear that her father has turned-out to be such a jerk! I've never understood guys that act that way, with their children. At least she has a cool mom!

And, I see that she'll grow-up to be an animal-lover, just like you and I did. I guess you've found a way around her allergies to cats, huh!

Please, keep me up-to-date on the divorce issue. And, next time you e-mail him, you can remind him that you have a brother, who has never been known to be very civilized, so you and your lawyer, are the least of his problem, if he doesn't learn what his responsibility to that little girl really is!

You can also explain to Morgane that my infamous reputation, and personal, criminal dossier can be used in a similar fashion, throughout her entire life, in order to persuade the actions of anyone who seems to be opinionated, in an unfavorable way, toward my beautiful niece! that should keep them in-line! :)

Wow! Fred & Patrick (our nephews) are growing up! Be sure to tell Fred that he is very welcome to write, as often as he wishes.

I can only get two stamps, per week, due to the fact that I am an indigent, and owe the State so much money. But, I will find a way to keep in touch with him, and anyone else in the family that wants to write, especially any of the kids!

The next time you see Lupe, please give her a big hug from me, and tell her that I send my love. I've considered calling, but the phone systems here are just to expensive.

I am certainly not surprised to hear about Fred (our brother). The only thing that astonishes me, is that I feel sympathy and pity for him!

If you have an address, for Heidi (our biological niece's mother), I'd like to have it. Maybe she'd at least understand that I'd appreciate a photograph of my niece. How old is Chloe?

It's a bit hard to digest all of the information about our younger cousins. I believe that I've met Quinton's wife, Jennifer, back when they were living together. Christopher was working at L.P.C.C., when I was first arrested, back in 2002. Cory, I haven't seen, since he was very little. And Lauren & Jasen were also very young, the last time I was able to see them.

Somehow, I remember hearing that Lee John had been in & out of trouble, and using drugs. It's sad to hear that it turned-out so tragically. Please give my condolences to Elizabeth.

Ha! You can assure Sean that I was not offended by your letter being typed. Just the fact that you replied at all, was more than enough for me! No, I do not mind, nor do I find it impersonal. But, I do appreciate his concern!

I'd like to meet him, one day. Hopefully, I will be able to do so, outside of this place. I'm currently working on that.

That sounds great! It might take a few days, for me to get the original photographs sent to me, but I'll do that right away.

I have been corresponding with someone for several years. She is also in prison. I have a hard time believing that anyone who is not dealing with similar circumstances, as myself, could actually relate with my day-to-day life, enough to remain in constant contact. So, I use my meager allowance of postage to write her, rather than the few people I know that are free.

Her name is Jennifer, and the photographs were taken for her. So, I will ask her to send them to me, and I'll send them to you, in-turn. Ok? Just be sure to make some copies for little Fred & Patrick also.

And I would love to have some more pictures of Morgane! As for the boys, you can let them know that it shouldn't hurt their pockets too much, to gain a cheap, disposable camera, to take a few pictures for their Uncle Patrick!

As for visiting me - I'd love that! Although I do have some reservations about Morgane, or the boys coming into such a disgusting environment. Angola is certainly the most deplorable place that I have ever witnessed, in my life! And I've seen some serious cesspools.

Currently, it wouldn't be a very good idea, anyway. I have been on administrative lock-down, since December. And I am presently awaiting transfer to "Camp-J", extended lock-down, which is the worst area of the prison.

My alleged rule violation, which is the reason for my transfer, is also considered to be the most vile offense imagineable! Yep! I am not, refuse to be, and even refuse to pretend to be a Christian! That is my offense!

If I were to pretend to be a devout, "God-fearing" Jesus freak, I'd meet the criteria, to be a student at Angola's prestigious Bible college, and I'd be awarded the many amenities and rewards, that other inmates receive for doing what is expected of them. But, being the "defiant pagan", that I am - I am only considered to be a "threat to the security, and well-being of the facility".

This all came to a head, in December, when I wrote a letter to a friend, at another prison, and enclosed several articles about Punk Rock music, "Far Side" comic strips, and an advertisement clipping, from "South Park", that depicted the devil, with a caption that read: "Satan is the sensitive guy".

For the past several months, I've been going through all of the departmental red-tape, by filing appeals to the write-up. This has to be done, before a prisoner is allowed to seek redress in a court of law.

I'm currently awaiting a reply, for the U.S. Justice Department's special litigation section, for Religious discrimination. I've also written to a civil liberties group, for Atheist prisoners.

Just the mere fact that such organizations exist, only proves that my personal situation, is a common one, within U.S. prisons!

I will not allow these self-righteous, red-neck imbeciles to torture me, with forced religion!

I'm sorry! I didn't intend to burden you, with my personal problems. It's quite hard to find things to speak of, that are not directly related to my miserable life in prison!

Things may be looking better for me soon. I've been able to collect a great deal of proof, that I was not involved in the murder that put me here. Hopefully, I can properly file my case in the appeals court, before the time limit expires.

Well, I'll let you get back to your own complexities of life. I hope that I'll be hearing more from you in the future!

Please tell Morgane that her Uncle Patrick loves her!

Your response really meant a lot to me, Victoria! Thank you!


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