Friday, January 30, 2009

December 9, 2004

Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Corrections Services
Form ARP-1 (Rejected)
Offender's Relief Request Form
(Type of use ball-point pen)
To: Patrick Brasseaux 329406 LSP (CBB L/L)
Date of Incident: 10/25/2004

XXX Rejected. Your request has been rejected for the following reasons:

Your request for remedy contains multiple complaints. Only one complaint per letter is acceptable as defined in the Administrative Remedy Procedure. You may resubmit your complaint in accordance with proper procedure provided that you do so on a timely basis. If you need assistance with the Administrative Remedy Procedure, your inmate counsel substitute will assist you upon request.

Date of Rejection: 12/09/20
Warden's Designee: Dora Rabalais

Instructions to Offender: This request for remedy was rejected for the reasons stated. You may not pursue this complaint to Step 2 since it was rejected. If you are dissatisfied, you may seek judicial review in the Nineteenth Judicial District Court within 30 days of the date you receive this notice of rejection.

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